Instructor: Enric Giné ([email protected])
Credits: 5 ECTS

This course should give you a general overview of what it means to record and produce music, especially acoustic music - that is, based on acoustic instruments and environments.

We will begin with an introduction to music production with a review of several examples, from classical to modern music. From this broad scope we will come down to the details of basic sound theory and room acoustics, microphone technology and their application in classical stereo recording techniques. We will also review production tools such as EQ, dynamics and other sound effects, both from a technological and applied point of view.

A final session at the Fundació Phonos sound studio at Edifici La Nau will allow us to explain the theory and practical use of DRC (Digital Room Correction).


To take this course it is desirable to have an engineering background, to have taken some courses in Physics (Acoustics) and Electronics at the undergraduate level, and also to be familiar with basic signal analysis. Recording and Mixing previous experience and/or formal music knowledge is not necessary but will make the sessions more enjoyable.

Competencies to be acquired

General: Recording and mixing basic skills; Ability to understand and use recording technology; Ability to gain insight on music production as a profession; Ability to take criteria-based decisions; Ability to communicate in English; Ability to work in a team; Ability to work in an interdisciplinary field.

Specific: Ability to link up technological and technical uses to music recording; Identification of ground concepts in any state-of-the-art applied audio technology; Development of musical and aesthetic criteria regarding music recording; Practical experience in a studio recording environment.

Theory Content

  • Course Introduction
  • Producing a record(ing)
  • Basic sound theory and room acoustics
  • Microphone technology
  • Classical stereo and surround recording techniques
  • Digital Room Correction (DRC) at La Nau sound studios (Fundació Phonos)

Lab content

  • Digital Room Correction (DRC) at La Nau sound studios (Fundació Phonos)

Class format and evaluation method

The distribution between lectures, practical examples and a final tutored lab. 

Homework: each week, all students are expected to review the lecture material (usually consisting on a set of papers or lecture notes)

Final exam: the student will be asked to discuss some of the topics of the course at a final exam.

Evaluation: the evaluation of the course is based on the following items:

  • Homework (theory reviews and exercises) (25%)
  • Presentations participation in the discussions (25%)
  • Final exam (50%)  


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