Affiliated postdoctoral researcher
Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions

+34 93 542 1348
[email protected]
Roc Boronat, 138 08018 Barcelona


Mario Ceresa received a BSc in Electronic Engineering and a MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Politecnico of Milan, Italy in 2008. Since 2012 he holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Navarre, Spain

During his doctorate, he worked on automatic detection of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in lung cancer screening programs. In 2012 he started working as Senior Researcher in Alma IT Systems, a medical software company based in Barcelona, Spain. There he focused on finite element method simulations and was responsible for the computational cluster and big data infrastructure. Since 2013 he works as a post-doc in the SimBioSys group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. His main research interests are medical image analysis, biomechanics and finite element methods.

He participated in several research projects, among others the European project HEAR-EU, mainly working on biomechanical and electrical simulations of the inner ear.

He was a visiting student at the Radboud University (Dr. van Ginneken’s group), Nijmegen, The Netherlands, in 2011 where he worked on detection and followup of COPD and healthy patients.

He works mainly on:

  • Surgical planning and navigation collaborating with Dr.a Gloria Fernandez Esparrach of Hospital Clinic, Barcelona; Dr.a Elisenda Eixarch of the fetal medicine division of IDIBAPS, Barcelona.
  • Computational models for neuroprosthesis and cochlear implantations collaborating with Dr. Russell Andrews of NASA Ames Center in California; Prof. Rasmus Paulsen in DTU Copenhagen on Statistical Shape Models; Dr. Jesus Rodríguez Jorge of the otorhinolaryngology division of Hospital San Juan de Deu, Barcelona and with ALMA IT Systems, Barcelona.


Since 2013, he teaches courses on Biomechanics (theory), Modeling of Organs and Systems (laboratory) and Minimally Invasive Surgery (laboratory) at the Bioengineering degree of Universitat Pompeu Fabra.