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What is R?

It is an open-source software and programming language for data analysis, graphical representation and results reporting. It is available on Linux, Windows and MacOS systems.

R can be downloaded from the following web page and the corresponding editor for R, also opensource and well documented, from RStudio.

The RStudio interface includes 4 main areas. By default:

  • The top left panel, where each tab is an open file. Here you will see scripts, markdown files, tables,…

  • The top right panel contains the global environment, where the created variables are listed.

  •  The bottom left panel displays the console, where orders are executed and the outputs printed.

  •  The botton right panel contains:

             ·  The list of files in the current directory.

             ·  The generated plots.

             ·  A list of installed libraries.

             ·  The help in case we are looking for a specific function.



For any doubts related to the usage of specific functions just type ?function_name or help(function_name) in the console, for example:



Credits to Rocio Caro Consuegra.