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Important Remark

In this tutorial you will learn how to mount your Google Drive folder on Marvin so that you can transfer files or folders from one to the other. This can prove very useful when you want to check results that require the use of a graphical interface, i.e.: html, pdf reports… But: with great power comes great responsibility. Since the cluster is has many users, it must always be working. This leads an important problem, since it does not unmount things automatically, whenever we are done working with our mounted Google Drive, we have to unmount it ourselves. If we do not unmount the image when we are done working, we will be consuming resources that could be used by others.


Login to Marvin


To login to the cluster do:


$ ssh -XC -c blowfish-cbc,arcfour [email protected]


Go to the location where you want to mount Google Drive and load the ocamlfuse module.


$ module load OCaml/4.01.0-foss-2016b

Mount Google Drive on Marvin

First, execute ocamlfuse with the following command:


$ google-drive-ocamlfuse


A browser window will prompt on your computer so that you can login to Google Drive. A warning message should also appear on the terminal but it means no trouble, so just ignore it. Once you login to Google Drive, you should recover control of the terminal.

Now, create a folder where you would like to mount your Google Drive. For example:


$ mkdir ~/google-drive




$ mkdir YOUR-FOLDER 


Then, mount your Google Drive to that folder:


$ google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/google-drive




$ google-drive-ocamlfuse YOUR-FOLDER

Do stuff

With Google Drive mounted on the cluster, it is time to perform different tasks. You can create new folders and files that will be available on your drive, copy or move data, reports, etc. All the data you transfer to the mounted Google Drive will be available on your GDrive storage via the webclient or the Google Drive folder on your computer.


Mount Google Drive from Marvin

After you have finished working, it is time to carry out the most important step: unmount your Google Drive from the cluster. To do so, just do:


$ fusermount -u ~/google-drive




$ fusermount -u YOUR-FOLDER


Mounting multiple accounts

In case you want to mount multiple Google Drive accounts to Marvin, you should use:



$ google-drive-ocamlfuse -label label [mountpoint]



For example, we could do:



$ google-drive-ocamlfuse -label GDrive1 DriveFolder1



$ google-drive-ocamlfuse -label GDrive2 DriveFolder2



After you are done working, do not forget to unmount the filesystems.



$ fusermount -u mountpoint



Continuing from the last example:



$ fusermount -u DriveFolder1



$ fusermount -u DriveFolder2