What you can ask to Marvin

Marvin Manual

You can ask general info about the cluster. Here are some examples

  • How can I run a job?
  • What is a job?
  • How do I connect to the cluster?
  • How can I install software?

Cluster Status

You can also check the state of the Cluster. These are the implemented functions for the moment.

  • Which jobs has {user} running?
  • Which jobs has {user} queued?
  • Tell me more about job {jobID}
  • Is {software} Installed?
  • Which {software} version do you have?
  • Is the cluster running?
  • Which is {node} status?


Actually Marvin knows most of the basics on Bitbucket. But if you are really lost with it you can ask any of these questions to get in touch.

  • What is bitbucket?
  • How do I use Bitbucket?
  • How do I install git Client?


You can also ask Marvin when will be next events. For the moment these are the implemented.

  • When will be the next course?
  • When will be the next User Meeting?


If you still lost, you can allways ask marvin for a piece of advice.

  • Give me a piece of advice