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Season of GPU and CUDA programming in Barcelona

Season of GPU and CUDA programming in Barcelona


Dear Colleagues,


Barcelona Supercomputing Centre PRACE Advance Training Centre and NVIDIA GPU Centre of Excellence present our season of GPU/ CUDA Programming.


It starts with Introduction to CUDA Programming (18 – 21 April). The aim of this course is introducing students to the knowledge and hands-on experience in developing applications software for processors with massively parallel computing resources. To register follow the link before 10th of April


You may also be interested in our Introduction to OpenACC course (27th and 28th of April) This course will cover the necessary topics to get started with GPU programming in OpenACC, as well as some advanced topics. Registration closes on 17th of April.


These courses will also prepare less confident parallel programmers for the PUMPS Summer School run jointly with NVIDIA, 26 - 30 June also at Campus Nord, Barcelona. For further information visit the school website  as this school has attendee selection process.


Finally, an interesting new addition to the BSC training program, Basic Programming of Multicore and Many-Core Processors for Image and Video Processing (22 - 23 June) with only 30 places available. The course will present the parallelization of several widely known image and video processing algorithms, such as colour space conversion, Gaussian filtering, and histogramming. Its aim is to be an initial approach to parallel programming to those who may be interested in the potential parallelization of the applications they work with. Please register following the link.

The teaching and the materials are in English and there are no fees for participation.

If you have specific inquiries, please visit BSC website or mail to us directly [email protected]


Nia Alexandrov

PATC Coordinator at BSC