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Spring Courses at BSC

Spring Courses at BSC


Dear All,


In March and April BSC PRACE Advance Training Centre presents:

Simulation Environments for Life Sciences (14-15 March), for those interested in simulations and bioinformatics. Please register following the link before 4th of March.


Also of interest, would be Systems Workshop: Programming MareNostrum III (25-26 April) presenting to potential users the new configuration of MareNostrum and introducing the new system (batch system, compilers, hardware, MPI, etc). The course will inform you regarding the RES and PRACE infrastructures, and how one can get an access to all available supercomputing resources. Please register following the link before 15th of April.


The teaching and the materials are in English and there are no fees for participation.

If you have specific inquiries, please visit BSC website or mail to us directly


Nia Alexandrov

PATC Coordinator at BSC