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The following are a price list on the services we offer at SIT.

Service (per Month) PRBB1 Extern2
High-Performance Digital Storage Capacity (GPFS) (per TB)3 7.22€ 12.74€
Digital Backups and Archives (NFS) (per TB) 4.96€ 7.40€
Cost of Computing (per Hour)4,5,6 0.021€ 0.036€
Reservation of Cluster Cores with Exclusivity 8.92€ 15.67€
Reservation of Cluster Cores with Guarantee7 1.51€ 2.59
Unit Virtualization (per vCore with 2 GB RAM) 20.75€ 32.41€
Technical Support (per Hour) 21.42€ 80.00€
Bioinformatic Technical Support (per Hour) 21.42€ 80.00
Host Safekeeping: Monitoring Service (per server) 26.70€ 95.99

1: Rates for UPF & PRBB Labs.

2: Rates for extern institutions.

3: Calculated based on average daily use throughout month per laboratory.

4: Calculated based on the amount of time a job has been computing within a core using 8GB of RAM. If a job is using more than one core or 8GB of RAM the price will be multiplied by the number of cores or number of 8GB blocks of RAM in use.

5: Computing time of different jobs will be added together for the final calculation.

6: Cost calculatted at the end of the month (30 days), jobs still being processed by the cluster will be charged for computing time upto that moment, with the remainder being charged the following month. If a job lasts multiple months, laboratories will be charged per month.

7: Your jobs are going to use this cores in 6 hours maximum.

Descriptions of these Services can be found here: Link


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