Article 83. Definition

Students of Pompeu Fabra University are all the persons who are registered for any of the undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses.


Article 84. Rights

The students of Pompeu Fabra University have the following specific rights: 

a) To receive quality education and teaching that is participative, critical and suited to the realities of society.

b) To have previous information about the academic regulations, study plans and their objectives and the general criteria used to assess their knowledge.

c) To participate in assessing the teaching provided under the terms set out in these By-laws.

d) To request grants for study and research.

e) To receive guidance and advice regarding their academic and professional training.

f) To have equal opportunities and not be discriminated against due to sex, race, religion, disability or any other personal or social circumstance for access to the University, joining centres, permanence at the University and exercising academic rights.

g) To obtain academic recognition for their participation in university cultural and sports activities, student representation, solidarity and cooperation activities, in the terms set out by the University.

h) To be attended to in a way that makes it easier to combine studying with working life.

i) All other rights set out in university legislation.


Article 85. Duties 

The students of Pompeu Fabra University have the following specific duties:

a) To carry out the tasks that are specific to their position as students with the commitment and responsibility that society demands of them.

b) To follow the teaching activities of the University and participate in them.

c) The other duties set out in university legislation. 


Article 86. Protection of intellectual and industrial property rights

The Board of Governors shall regulate the intellectual and industrial property rights of the work carried out by students at the University.


Article 87. Scholarships and grants

The Board of Trustees shall, in order to ensure that nobody is excluded from Pompeu Fabra University for economic reasons, agree on a specific University policy for the awarding of scholarships, grants and loans for study, research and knowledge and technology transfer, and the relevant exemptions of prices that are of its competence, in accordance with the principles of publicity, concurrence and objectivity.


Article 88. Reception and accommodation

88.1. Pompeu Fabra University must set up mechanisms for receiving and advising new students, as well as other student assistance services.

88.2. The University shall promote agreements for facilitating the accommodation of students in the University’s halls of residence.


Article 89. Student associations

The University shall keep a record of the student associations that are active in the University with a view to distributing the resources intended for student associations. 


Article 90. Student representation body

90.1. Students may create their own representation body with a view to guaranteeing their coordination and encouraging their participation in every aspect of university life. This body shall be governed by a set of regulations that must be approved by the Board of Governors at the suggestion of the student representatives.

90.2. This body shall guarantee:

a) The representation of every centre.

b) The representation of the students who are members of the general governing and representation bodies of the University.

c) The representation of the members of associations that are active in the University. 

90.3. The University shall provide the resources this body requires for its operation.


Article 91. Relations with the governing bodies  

The Board of Governors shall determine the composition and the functions of a committee by means of which the students' own body shall relate to the governing bodies of the University. This committee shall allow the effective participation of students in decision-making processes in the areas that affect them.