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Join the EUTOPIA community! 4 November 2021

Join the EUTOPIA community! 4 November 2021



What is EUTOPIA? How can I be involved? This is the opportunity to get to know all about the EUTOPIA project and what advantages it has for you!


What can EUTOPIA offer you?

Join us and learn how you can help create the new model of European Universities. By joining EUTOPIA you will be:

  • participating in a European project with prestigious universities

  • travelling around Europe, when possible

  • working with students from different countries

  • actively contributing to improving your own learning process and that of future generations 

  • improving your CV, acquiring new skills and competencies

  • contributing to the creation of a new European university model.

All participation and involvement in EUTOPIA workshops, activities, conferences or subjects will be recognised by means of an academic certificate signed by both UPF and EUTOPIA.

On Thursday 4 November 2021 at 2:00pm CET, you will be able to learn about the EUTOPIA project and all the opportunities it offers. Pelegrí Viader, the Rector's Commissioner for EUTOPIA, and Antoni Luna, the Vice-rector of Internationalisation, will be present to answer all your questions.

The session will take place at the Albert Calsamiglia hall, (40.035 - Ciutadella campus).

Please note: this session will be recorded and published on EUTOPIA’s Youtube channel.  We invite you to sign your consent and check the UPF General Data Protection Regulation

Refreshments will be on offer, so come join us for a sandwich, a drink and an interesting conversation! 

We look forward to meeting you all.

You will be able to follow the session online via streaming.





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