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Guest Speaker seminar by Liza Mügge

Guest Speaker seminar by Liza Mügge



Guest Speaker Seminar

Intersectionality in the Study of Political Representation: Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker: Liza Mügge, University of Amsterdam

Date: 27/02/20

Time: 15.00 h

Room: 40.S16 (Roger de Llúria bdg.)




The concept of intersectionality originates in American critical race and feminist scholarship and Black feminist activism. After is coinage by law scholar Kimberle Crenshaw in the 1980s, intersectionality has travelled across disciplinary boundaries and continents. Intersectionality is slowly gaining ground in political science. The past years it has become increasingly popular, in particular in the field of political representation and legislative studies. In this talk I discuss the origins of intersectionality and demonstrate how it is applied theoretically and empirically in work on political representation. Drawing on my own research project on political representation of citizens with a migration back ground in Western-Europe I highlight challenges and opportunities in this field.