1st Barcelona VPH Summer School will take place May 30th - June 3rd 2016.

1st Barcelona VPH Summer School will take place May 30th - June 3rd 2016.



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This Summer School provides a thorough overview and hands-on experience in state-of-the-art Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) research. The key concepts of this methodological and technological framework will be presented using illustrative cases and enriched with hands-on analysis under supervision of the experts.

The School is jointly organised by the Philips - UPF CardioFunXion Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate Program and The Virtual Physiological Human Institute, and the support of the Spanish Network of Excellence in Biomechanics.


Confirmed Speakers

- Bart Bijnens, ICREA - UPF, Cardiovascular Pathophysiology

- James Sharpe, ICREA - CRG, Imaging and Modelling in Organogenesis

- Blanca Rodríguez, Univ. Oxford, Computational Cardiovascular Science

- Marta Sitges, IDIBAPS - Clinic Hospital, Clinical Cardiac Imaging

- Karin Würtz, ETHZ, Intervertebral Disc Pathophysiology

- Mathieu de Craene, Philips Cardiac Image Analysis

- Gemma Piella, UPF Machine Learning

- Jérôme Noailly, UPF Spine Multiscale and Biophysical Modelling

- Liesbet Geris, Univ. Liège Complex and Gene Regulation Modelling of Osteochrondial Systems

- Mariano Vázquez, Barcelona Supercomputing Center High Performance Computational Modelling

- José Manuel García Aznar, Univ. Zaragoza Cell and Collective Cell Modelling

- Óscar Cámara, UPF Cardiac Electrophysiology Modelling

- Miguel Ángel González Ballester, ICREA - UPF Computer-assisted Surgery


Parallel activities

- Visits to the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the ALBA Synchrotron

- Poster session

- Hands-on workshops



Students and Technicians Early Bird. 100 EUR

Regular Early Bird: 200 EUR






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