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[10/09/[email protected]] Phonos participates in Panel at Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona

[10/09/[email protected]] Phonos participates in Panel at Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona

Dijous 10 de setembre de 2020, 18:00h. Museu de Disseny de Barcelona.


"On Code. The Uncertainty Of Meaning And Doing"

Roundtable hosted by Hangar.

"Code may be apprehended as a sort of text that tells a machine what to do, but also as text that helps us (inferring the human component of the cyborg) to make sense. In this panel, we delve into the interference of code in the listening process. Code allows the ear to navigate the listening interface, despite it happens to narrow its sensitive scope; code crosses the interface as the membrane which separates but also connects, and which unfolds at least two different dimensions: the vibration of the air from a sound source to our ears, and the zone of inter/intra-action, mediation, negotiation and distribution of attention and meanings, between the (dis)orders of the emitted and of the heard sounds."

Participants: Lina Bautista (CO), Daniel Moreno Roldán (ES), Ángel Faraldo (ES), Lluís Nacenta (ES), Agnès Pe (ES) and Carolina Jiménez (ES)



Institut Ramon Llull, UOC – ISEA Barcelona, BEEP collection, NewArtFoundation, OFFF Barcelona and Hangar organize the Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona within the official program of the Ars Electronica 2020 Festival, which this year is held in distributed mode, with Barcelona as one of its locations.

From September 9th to 13th, Ars Electronica 2020 will take place under the title of Kepler’s Garden, a tour that from Linz (Austria) expands to other 120 cities. For the first time, the Festival becomes a sort of digital journey that will take visitors from all over the world to different biotopes and networked ecosystems where new alliances and forms of cooperation are possible. Simultaneously to local-physical and global online events, Ars Electronica appears once again as a laboratory focusing on experimental forms of analog and digital, real and virtual, physical and online coexistence.

Based on the notions of uncertainty and ecology, Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona presents a program that seeks to account for the diversity of relationships and interdependencies among the arts, sciences, technologies and critical thinking that make possible ways of thinking and doing that can provide non-univocal answers to the need to constitute and strengthen a material culture of life that will lessen the ecological and epistemic damage of capitalism, which the COVID-19 crisis once again puts into reconfiguration. The program of Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona is deployed in a variety of activities and formats that include exhibitions, live actions, round tables, shows or workshops, with a clear will to interconnect politics with art, technology and nature. Barcelona appears here through a network of heterogeneous agents that make theoretical positions converge with the practical work that multiple social groups, cultural producers, nodes, clusters or educational centres have been developing, interlinked with each other and with the world.