Vés enrere Laboratori de Crítica amb Tuna Pase: "Are we back to the basics in music?"

Laboratori de Crítica amb Tuna Pase: "Are we back to the basics in music?"

Dimarts 27 de Novembre, 18:30 h. Sala 51.100 (Campus UPF-Poblenou, Roc Boronat 138), entrada gratuïta



In this critical session, Tuna Pase will try to elucidate whether we can talk about a true development in the process of music making or if instead we are going back to the basics of music making.

"In the history of audio culture after world war II, the process of music making and thinking about music has changed a lot regarding the rebel philosophies like free improvisation, noise, music concrete, minimalism, experimental music and more. 

Was that really a development or were we just going “back to basics”? When music making was a free improvised activity containing all the acts of performing, composing and all the other genres that the academy has labeled. The only thing that changed was the use of technology which helped us develop more in different ways but the instinct was the same! “Compose and perform” at the same time."

Tuna Pase


Tuna Pase (Turkey and Spain) is a musician, ethnomusicologist, free improviser and lecturer. Her areas of interest are; electro-acoustic composition, sound design and sound art. She has her degrees in musicology, ethnomusicology and sound design. She plays electronics, flute and sings. She performs her music solo and also collaborates with others in an improvised manner, where she composes live, using the elements that build her music from scratch. She performs in concerts and festivals, and participates in projects in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. She collaborates with other free improvisers, visual artists and dancers from many different countries. She has solo and collaborative albums. She teaches Audio Culture, Audio Craft, World Music and Popular music in Istanbul Bilgi University. She is also a member of Female Laptop Orchestra.





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