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Alicia Champlin talks about hack aesthetics in electronic music and sound art

Alicia Champlin talks about hack aesthetics in electronic music and sound art

Tuesday 22 October, 19.30h. Room 55.003, Campus UPF Poblenou (Roc Boronat, 138), free admission


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Throughout the historical arc of Electronic Music, the contributions of DIY instrumentation and circuit bending have always been parallel to the advances made by engineers of sound and interface technologies. These formal and informal research methodologies and their aesthetic contributions have much in common, but their respective pedagogies don’t always line up. Similarly, formal and informal compositional strategies now seem set in a false dichotomy. Champlin explores some conceptual vocabularies that de-emphasize the differences and put the focus on creative research in both camps.



Alicia Champlin is an american intermedial artist and researcher based in Barcelona. She holds an MFA in Intermedia from the University of Maine. Champlin works primarily with generative systems and sound, using installation, interaction, and performance to explore aspects of agency and embodiment, and she is an avid evangelist for art as a research practice. Recent exhibitions include the collaborative ‘Algorithms That Matter’ in Graz, Austria, in February, 2019.


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