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Sinan Bokesoy: Desenvolupament d'eines digitals per a la creació sonora"

Sinan Bokesoy: Desenvolupament d'eines digitals per a la creació sonora"

Dijous 14 de Febrer, 12:30 h. Sala 55.003 (Campus UPF Poblenou, Roc Boronat 138), entrada gratuïta



The artist mind for developing the tools of creation in sonic art

Technology should serve as excellent tools for creating art. An artwork in technical domains needs to be created (ideal design & implemented code wise), presented (interacting with space and audience) and preserved for the future (possible?) What are the current directions for todays sound artist for designing and developing his very own tools?



Sinan Bökesoy is a composer, developer (sonicLAB & sonicPlanet) and sound artist holding a Ph.D. from University of Paris in computer music supervised by Horacio Vaggione.  Bökesoy has been an active researcher / composer with works presented in ICMC, DAFX, NIME, CMJ (MIT Press) and more. As an artist currently he has focused on implementing sonic augmented reality using mobile platforms for building interactive spaces. He is also developing the Cosmosƒ stochastic synthesiser software, known as an experimental yet professional tool supporting the recent ambisonic spatial distribution techniques. Bökesoy has received the ArsElectronica 2017 Starts Prize nomination award for his sonicPlanet GeoComposer / GeoPlayer tool and keeps presenting installations / solo exhibitions in art galleries and events such as Ars Electronica 2017, Vienna Art week 2017, Sanatorium Istanbul, Istanbul2010.