Upon completion of the training period consisting of the master’s studies, admission to the PhD programme marks the start of the research period, which culminates in the defence of the thesis.

During the first half of the first year of the programme, students begin to prepare a sound thesis project, which they must defend before an assessment committee by the start of the third term. From that point on, students will be able to advance in their research, with a clear grasp of the topic, hypothesis and methodology to be used. By specifying their thesis project at the start of the programme, students should be able to complete their thesis in the remaining years of the programme, spending a maximum of four years in all.

To help them meet these objectives, students have a training programme designed to strengthen their command of methodological tools and their current skills, as well as to provide them with the opportunity to attend courses aimed at deepening their knowledge of the disciplinary field in which they want to write their doctoral thesis. 

Under department regulations, students are given two chances during the first academic year of the programme to pass the required training seminars and defend their thesis project.

As a general rule, doctoral students are expected to enrol full time. In exceptional and duly justified cases, the Academic Committee may agree to individual requests to enrol part time.

The doctoral thesis must be submitted by the end of the third academic year following registration of the thesis project for full-time students and by the end of the five academic year for part-time students.