The UPF is committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its students are respected. We recognise that the broad range of experiences that a diverse Faculty and student body brings strengthens our research and enhances our teaching. The UPF is compromised to provide a diverse, inclusive, fair and open environment that allows everyone to grow and flourish. Here you can consult sources of information and support:


  • The UPF has the II Isabel de Villena Gender Equality Plan (2018-2022) as a tool to effectively implement the principle of equal opportunities between men and women and the elimination of discriminatory behaviour that hinders or prevents women from exercising their rights. 



  • Bathrooms on Campus.

All people may use the bathroom of the gender with which they most identify, even if that differs from the gender assigned to them at birth. As stated in the II Equality Plan, the UPF works to “Prevent, detect and help to eradicate gender-based violence and LGBTI-phobia from the university environment”. One of the actions undertaken is this direction is the right of individuals to use the bathroom that feels most right to them. This means that no one is required to use a gender neutral bathroom or a specific gender-identified bathroom on campus. We are all individuals who have the right to express our identity in the way we chose. Respecting that a person identifies with a particular gender means accepting that person for who they are. It communicates acceptance, even if you don’t understand the decision and would not make the same decision. 


  • Right to be called at the University by the name corresponding to the gender with which you identify.

The procedure of change of name of transsexual, transgender and intersex persons involves the use of a “usual name” or “felt name”, which replaces the official name (the one shown on the ID card or in the Civil Registry), in everything that does not have a legal implication at UPF and only serves for internal procedures. Those interested in joining this procedure, applicable to the entire community of students, teaching and research staff and administrative and service staff, must present a written application, which can be downloaded from the University’s Equality Unit websiteThis unit, which is responsible for managing the procedure, will hold an interview with the person concerned and will make the necessary arrangements to make the changes to the UPF card (although the digital certificate will preserve their official name), the intranet, e-mail or the class lists, among others. The name change is part of a joint interuniversity project, coordinated by UPF, together with UVic-UCC, which in the field of higher education in Catalonia aims to deploy Law 11/2014 to guarantee the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, and intersex persons and to eradicate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. The project, which has the financial support of the Catalan Government and enjoys the participation of various civil society organizations, is working on guidelines towards the increased visibility and empowerment of LGBT groups and for the fight against discrimination and harassment.


All actions and activities in the area of gender equality are disseminated via the UPF Equality portal (in Catalan). The Equality Unit carries out actions concerning visualization and awareness-raising towards gender inequalities; communication; balanced representation in governing, consultative and decision-making bodies; and balancing work and personal life, among others.