Procedure and assignment of tutor and thesis supervisor:


In the admission process, applications from candidate students are evaluated by the Academic Committee (AC), on the basis of a research project proposal, its suitability to the research lines of the doctoral programme and a support letter from a doctor with accredited research experience. Once a student has been admitted by the AC to the doctoral programme, the AC will assign to the student a tutor and a thesis supervisor, among doctors with accredited research experience, within a maximum period of 3 months after the student enrols in the doctoral programme for the first time. The tutor has a close relationship with the doctoral programme and will help the student to interact with the AC. Depending on the specific affiliation of the thesis supervisor to an academic research institution both, tutor and thesis supervisor, may be the same person. The AC will assign the tutor and the thesis supervisor on the basis of the research project proposal and the support letter submitted by the student in the application to join the doctoral programme.  



  • Have current or recent accredited research experience with at least 5 recent publications.

  • Be PI of a research project obtained in competitive calls that is active

  • Be able to assure a continuity in the contractual relationship that allows the correct and complete development of the doctoral thesis


The assignment, however, will only be valid and binding once it is authorised by the UPF Doctoral School with the following procedure:

  1. The doctoral student will present an original copy of the Document of Commitment, signed by the student, the tutor and the thesis supervisor previously assigned by the AC during the admission process:



When & where  to submit

Document of Commitment (1 supervisor)

Document of Commitment (2 supervisors)


Document of Commitment (3 supervisors)

  • Read it carefully and sign it.

  • The original document must be submitted with the hand-made signatures of the PhD student, the supervisor and the tutor (if the tutor and the supervisor are the same person, he/she must sign twice).

  • Non-UPF supervisors: identity document (DNI, NIE) and abridged (form)

  • We will take care of the UPF PhD school director's signature 

During the enrolment process.

By prior appointment established by the secretary of the program


Please keep an escanned copy of your Document of Commitment once it's signed by you and your thesis supervisor to upload it on your Activities Document.

Upload to the Activities Document 

(registration code for this activity: 30)


2. Once the assignment of tutor and thesis supervisor has been authorised by the UPF Doctoral School, the programme secretariat will make the official assignment at the student’s academic file and will communicate it to the tutor and thesis supervisor. 

Read here the thesis supervisor commitment