Tools to evaluate your PhD student's Research Plan & Activities yearly

Where to access


From June 1st

to June 15th

If you are a thesis director, the IT module enables you to monitor the evolution of the doctoral thesis: training activities and research plan. You can access this through the UPF Campus Global.

The Academic Committee of the doctoral programme will assess the student's progress based on this evaluation & the results of the compulsory activities.

You can proceed easily with the evaluation following these steps:  (Guide)

·         Enter at the UPF global campus

·         The 1st time it’s necessary to configure the TCSO IT for Thesis Supervisors (By goig form the home page of the global campus to the "Applications" bar and clicking at "configure applications")

·         Once inside the TCSO module, Select the PhD student by clicking at the 'Modify button' (in this section you have all the academic information available of your PhD student)

·         Enter in the 'Report by the thesis director' option, where you should provide your evaluation by clicking at the 'positive' or 'negative' options.  

In case of Positive assessment, the supervisor agreees with the following statement: "I am satisfied with the student's performance so far and with the work plan presented" 

 In case of Negative assessment it is compulsory to upload a detailed report with the reasons

* Optionally, you can also upload an evaluation report or add some comments to your evaluation.

All PhD supervisors have access to the UPF campus global (even if you are not a UPF professor) but, in case of having problems with your UPF campus global access you can send by mail a pdf letter signed indicating your evaluation for your PhD student project progress.


[1] "Article 10. Annual assessment of the doctoral student" of the UPF Academic regulations for doctorate courses.

[2] "Artículo 11. Supervisión y seguimiento del Doctorado, punto 7" of the Real Decreto 99/2011


Is this your 1st time? Please check this guide about:

How to enter the Global Campus for the first time?

TCSO Aplication for Thesis Supervisors inside your campus global



Thesis supervisor commitment

At the beginning of your PhD student program and your task as a thesis supervisor we’ll ask you to sign the following agreement document that defines the respective rights and obligations and mutual commitments between the University, the PhD candidate and the thesis supervisor. 

Document of Commitment

Once signed by all the parties, the academic committee of the doctoral program will assign the roles of supervising and tutorising the doctoral candidate to the doctoral thesis supervisor/s and tutor proposed on the agreement.

The completion of a doctoral degree is an academic and professional activity that enables the doctoral candidate to acquire high-level scientific competencies and fosters critical thought, the scientific method and technological innovation, as well as the acquisition of generic competencies that are valued in positions of responsibility in all social and economic sectors. The doctoral candidate will have to complete a research project that is original and innovative, formulate a personal plan for ongoing training to support the research plan, and develop a career plan.

Since the academic year 2012-13, the PhD Programme in Biomedicine follows the latest regulations for doctoral studies in Spain, the so-called Royal Decree (RD) 99/2011. This regulation forces the university and the thesis supervisors to annually assess their PhD students.


The Academic Committee of the doctoral programme will assess the student's progress towards completing the doctoral thesis every year. This assessment is based on the annual academic activities, research plan and report by the thesis supervisor.

Students have 2 opportunities to present their requirements:

  • You must present all the required results annually before the end of May to be assessed on the 1st call  (The results of the annual evaluation -1st call- will be released each year by the end of September) 

  • In the event of a negative assessment, the academic regulations give the student the opportunity to be reassessed on a 2nd call within six months. You must present all the missing required results before the end of January to be reassessed on the 2nd call. (The results of the reassessment  - 2nd call- will be released each year by the end of February). 

A second negative assessment will force the definitive withdrawal of the student from the PhD Programme in Biomedicine.


  • Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program Commitment:

The academic committee of the doctoral program is responsible to review and assess all the generic competencies with the evaluation of the compulsory activities proposed by the program


  • Thesis supervisor Commitment:

We expect from all thesis supervisors to assess their PhD students research progress annually. In order to assess your students you can do it through your personal access to the UPF campus Global or sending by email a pdf signed report when the PhD program secretariat requests it. 

It’s a thesis supervisor's responsibility to inform any research progress problems or inconveniences to the doctoral candidate. As well as give a regularly feedback from the project progress  

As a thesis supervisor you can also suggest and validate all the optional activities you may consider interesting for your students progress (such as congres assistance, research stays mobility, specialized courses…) as long as your student can submit proof of attendance.

The doctoral candidate and the thesis supervisor or supervisors undertake to establish a relationship of mutual collaboration that will enable the doctoral candidate to establish the thesis proposal and to write and defend the thesis in accordance with the procedures and deadlines established in the regulations that apply.

Thesis supervisors act as mentors and guides to students in their learning process. They must define the initial project and ensure that it is original, innovative and educational. They must also strive to ensure that the project can be completed in the time periods established in Royal Decree 99/2011, which regulates official doctoral studies, and that students have access to the material and technical means they need.

Thesis supervisors agree to hold regular working meetings with the doctoral candidate to provide guidance and analyse progress made on the research plan. They shall seek to ensure that the doctoral candidate takes greater initiative and gains autonomy as the project progresses.


  • Doctoral Candidate Obligations and Commitment :

The doctoral candidate undertakes to complete his/her doctoral studies in accordance with the regulations that apply and the obligations stemming from this agreement. He/she shall regularly report to the thesis supervisor(s) regarding progress on the thesis, the results obtained, and any problems that may arise, and shall take any feedback into consideration.

The doctoral candidate is a full-time / part-time student, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations that apply. Doctoral candidates are obliged to inform the thesis supervisor or supervisors and the coordinator of any potential long- or short-term sick leave that may arise during the time that they are on the programme.


  • UPF tutor role:

Tutor will provide extra academic, scientific and regulation support to help you on find the best solution to afford any possible obstacles, conflicts and troubleshooting .


  • Conflict resolution:

If any of the obligations set out in this document are breached, the parties shall inform the coordinator of the corresponding doctoral programme, who shall act as a mediator. Any disputes that cannot be settled through the mediation of the coordinator and the academic committee of the programme shall be referred to the Standing Committee of the Doctoral School.