PRBB SeminarsAttending research seminars is one of the most important training activities of doctoral students. Very often, students don't want to attend seminars because they think most of them are not on their topic or they find them boring. However, the purpose of attending research seminars is not only to listen to the research you like but, more importantly at an early stage of the scientific career, to learn how to extract information from them and how to communicate science.

For this reason, the PhD Programme in Biomedicine includes as one of its compulsory training activities of first-year doctoral students, attending research seminars and elaborating 10 abstracts, written in English, on the 10 research seminars they liked the most.

The abstract cannot be a copy of the abstract provided by the speaker of the seminar and should try to answer the following two questions: what was the research question posed by the speaker and why is that research question important.

These 10 seminars must be chosen among the following ones:


Student must upload the Attendance form with the 10 seminar abstracts (roughly 300 words per abstract) to their AULA GLOBAL before May 30th.

Documents with non-original abstracts or fewer than 10 will be negatively evaluated.



Where to submit

Before the end of May 

Attendance form

10 seminar abstracts in English incorporated into a single (.pdf) document 

Upload to the