IT PhD students guide


  • dcexs_resourcesCampus Global

Campus Global is UPF's intranet. It can be accessed from the home page of the University’s website: You can enter Campus Global from the day after your enrollment. You will need a personal code ((Uxxxxx) and a password. You can find out your code by clicking on the Campus Global option on the homepage upper-right corner of the University’s website and following the instructions in the section below untiteled "Do you need help?". The password will be your date of birth in the following format: dd/mm/yyyy.

  • Your e-mail address (

Note that every official e-mail and announcement from the PhD in Biomedicine Secretariat will be sent to your student e-mail. This e-mail account will be automatically activated after your enrollment. You can access your student upf mail from the main menu of your Campus Global. If you have any problem to access to your account: Google Apps services for Students or contact the Computing Department by CAU. 

  • Aula Global:

The Aula Global is a virtual learning space. PhD in Biomedicine Aula Global groups are divided according to the starting academic year of the program (for generations)

Inside you will find:


ACTIVITIES (Subject content)

- Organised in diferent parts, one for each compulsory activity, with detailed information about all the required activities according to your academic year.

- You'll find access to virtual classes, resources and activities: texts, images, exercises, forums, wikis, qizzes ...

- Compulsory task and how to submit them

- You can also check at the end of each academic year your personal marks



- With your program complet teaching plan



- Annual academic calendar and submission deadlines



- Just for students, to contact with the rest of your generation PhD partners



- Space where the PhD academic comission posts them most relevant news about the program 



- internal tool to comunicate with the PhD secretariat in order to solve any issues you may need.



  • The User Support Centre (CAU) 

The User Support Centre is a virtual space from which different University services will attend to your queries or requests. You can get access from the CAU and Mailboxes section of Campus Global and also from some of the websites of the services themselves.

  • How to access CAU if you don't have a UPF user
  1. Go to the main page of CAU, select the area where you want to open the request and there click on Other users.
  2. Click on Registra't (Register) button.
  3. Fill in the Adreça electrònica (with a non-University email address), Contrasenya (Password), and Nom complet (Full Name) fields.
  4. Click on Registra't (Register) button.
  5. You will access the CAU directly and you will be able to open your requests
  • Student card

The UPF card identifies you as being a student at the University and offers you a broad range of academic and financial benefits; moreover, it incorporates a digital certificate of the Catalan Certification Agency (CATCert), which securely identifies you digitally. 

  • Guide to the University 

In this Guide you will find a compilation of information, recommendations, instructions and reports about both physical and electronic sites that you can contact or where you find information, so you can discover more about UPF and help you integrate more easily into university life.

The Activities Document is the personalized document in which the student must register all training activities that go along doing his doctoral thesis. This document is the responsibility of the candidate and forms part of the documentation to be submitted for annual evaluations. In this document should be included mandatory training activities PhD, the research plan and other activities that may be of interest for the development of the thesis (up loading proof of assistance).

You can access to the Activities Document from the Campus Global.

  • Library and IT Services

Library and IT Services

University Information (PIE) (only available in Catalan and Spanish) is the personalised assistance service to provide you with information and orientation as to the organization and running of activities.

If you are thinking about Publishing in Scientific Journals, please bear these recommendations in mind 

  • Pompeu Fabra University's Scientific and Technical Service

DCEXS Core Facilities

  • PRBB Services

Communication portal of the residents

  • Living in Barcelona

Practical guide for foreign students.

  • Professional Careers Office

If you are interested in doing an internship, you should contact the Professional Careers Office of UPF. They also have employment offers (a job bank called Campus Treball), a wide variety of courses and they can offer you guidance.

  • WiFi network

The wifi network eduroam is available for all members of the university community with a Campus Global user.