Open Calls

  • Open call for the Research Grants Isabel Fernandez 2017 in order to carry out doctoral thesis (until April 2nd 2017)

The Spanish Society of Family Medicine and Community (SemFYC) offers three scholarships Isabel Fernández to help the financing of the best doctoral theses with 3.000 euros. 

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Bases Grants Isabel Fernandez 2017 (in Spanish)


  • Open call for the X Francisco Cobos' Prize and Eduardo Gallego's Grant 2016 (until 25th May 2016)

The Francisco Cobos Foundation announces the X Prize Francisco Cobos, equipped with 50,000 Euros and two scholarship called "Eduardo Gallego" equipped with 24,000 Euros.

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  • 6 open call for research grants on bioethics - Foundation Víctor Grifols 

The Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation awards six grants for research in bioethics. The grants, each worth 5000 euros, are awarded to research projects to be undertaken on any issue related to bioethics and its practical application.

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  • Industrial Doctorates Plan

Further informationParticipation requirements

The call for applications to the industrial doctorates is aimed at future doctoral students, that is, it is not necessary to accredit admission to a doctoral programme in order to apply to one of the industrial doctorate projects offered.

However, candidates will have to accredit admission to the corresponding doctoral programme if they are selectedto carry out an industrial doctorate project and are thus part of a formal grant application.

In any case, for more information on the admission requirements of a doctoral programme, please contact the university in charge of the doctoral programme directly, which is indicated on the corresponding project application form.

Additionally, the candidate must accredit having obtained an average mark of 6,5 or higher (on a scale of 1 to 10), calculated based on the total number of credits of university studies that allow admission to an official doctoral programme.

For more information on the system to calculate average marks, please contact the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR).

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  • Enrique Fuentes Quintana Awards 


  • Health sciences
  • Humanities
  • Engineering, mathematics, architecture or phisics

The prize in each category:

  • €5.000, publication of the winning thesis and diploma

Terms for reading the doctoral thesis:

  • From the 1st of September 2014 to the 30th of August 2015

The deadlines for reception of applications:

  • Until the 30th of June 2016

Further information (in Spanish):




  • Premi_Fund_BSabadell

    XI Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Biomedical Research

Banco Sabadell Foundation announces the XI Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Biomedical Research.
Registration here.

  • NOVA DOMUS: extraordinary call last efforts

(For PhD students that can be interested on making research in North America)

There is and extraordinary Open Call for the NOVA DOMUS exchange grands.

Since January the 11st until April the 23th 2016.

The following positions are available:

North American applicants who want to make research in Europe (only at consortium universities)

Level of Studies


Number of Positions Available


11 months

4 TG1


6 months

5 TG1

2 TG2

 European applicants who want to make research in North America (only at consortium universities)

Level of Studies


Number of Positions Available


11 months

18 TG1

1 TG2


6 months

2 + 1 TG1

Approximate Timetable: 

  • On-line Call for Applications: 11st January 2016- 23th April 2016
  • Validation from Home Universities:  End of April 2016.
  • Evaluation by Host Universities:   Mid May 2016.
  • Selection Committee: 4th week of May 2016
  • Final list of selected candidates and reserve list (approx.): June 2016
  • Appeal Process: Candidates who are not selected will have a 10-day appeal period after the publication of the results.

For any questions or further information: