The PhD Programme in Biomedicine promotes the mobility of doctoral students as a training activity, and facilitates the corresponding legal requirements, to allow them doing a research stay in other national or international research groups.

This mobility may enable implementing new experimental and/or analytical techniques that are not regularly applied within the scope of the research group of the doctoral student, but are necessary for the achievement of the objectives of the doctoral thesis.

The procedure to formalize this training activity is as follows.

First the doctoral student must obtain the thesis supervisor approval for doing this activity in a specific research group that will host the student.

Second, the doctoral student carries out the research stay in the hosting research group. Finally, as third and last step, once the research stay has concluded, the student must submit a short report to the Academic Committee (AC) of the PhD Programme in Biomedicine, listing the tasks and learning outcomes obtained during the stay and the degree of achievement of the planned objectives.

The AC will evaluate this report and will record the evaluation in the Activities Document of the doctoral student. 


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