The International mention in the doctoral diploma is an honorary qualification given in addition to the doctoral diploma. The diploma can include on its obverse the mention of "International Doctor" in case that the following requirements are met:


a) That during the training period required to obtain the qualification of doctor, you have undertaken made a minimum stage of three months outside Spain at a renowned higher education institution or research centre, studying or doing research work. The stage and activities must be approved by the supervisor and authorized by the academic committee, and they must be included in the student's Activities Document.

b) That part of the thesis (at least the summary and conclusions) has been written and is presented in one of the usual languages for scientific communication in your field of knowledge, other than any of the official languages in Spain. This regulation is not applicable when the stages, reports and experts come from a Spanish-speaking country.

c) That at least two expert doctors belonging to a non-Spanish higher education institution or research institute have issued reports on the thesis.

d) That at least one expert with a doctorate belonging to a non-Spanish higher education institution or research centre, other than the person responsible for the stage referred to in paragraph a), has been a member of the thesis assessment board.

2. The thesis defence must be undertaken at UPF.

NOTE: the internship may be carried out either in a single period or distributed in different periods; however, the receiving institution must be always the same.



Fill in the "International Mention in the Doctoral Diploma" application form and hand it in with all the documentation to the doctoral programme secretary.

IMPORTANT: you must apply for the "International Doctor mention" before processing the doctoral diploma.

Decision :

The Doctoral School's Steering Committee will decide whether to grant or deny the International Mention in the Doctoral Diploma

The doctoral programme secretary will notify you of the decision


Academic regulations for doctorate courses  (art. 21)

* COVID 19 exceptional conditions:

- For final year students and during the time we are affected by the Covid-19, the PhD Academic Committee has agreed that research stays shorter than 3 months will be  accepted to grant the International Mention as long as the thesis supervisor certifies that the stay completed meets the majority of the proposed objectives.

- Students of other academic years will be asked to delay their stays so that they can do them in optimal conditions

- Virtual stays will be allowed to students who do their thesis in bioinformatics disciplines and their directors endorse and justify the stay to be carried out.