Please make an appointment with the PhD Programme in Biomedicine Secretariat by email: [email protected] to submit the Doctoral Thesis.

Where to submit? PRBB, Office 300.04, 3rd floor

When? From Monday to Friday: from 11h to 13h (by appointment). Please check availability at this calendar.

All documents must be submitted at the same time and duly filled in and signed (original signatures are required):

Doctoral Thesis Copies:


A book-copy of the doctoral thesis for the UPF 

See compulsory format requirements 


Five copies of the doctoral thesis for the thesis committee members

Electronic copies (CD, USB) or book-copies

CD cover design template


A electronic copy of the doctoral thesis for the UPF

(on making your appointment for the thesis submission, we will provide you a link for uploading it) 

It must contain:  

  • The complete doctoral thesis (pdf)
  • short explanation (word document) of the project in Catalan or Spanish AND English (approx. 150 words)
  • Keyword list related to the PhD thesis in Catalan or Spanish AND English. (word document). Maximum 10 words (5 in English + 5 in Catalan or Spanish)



Doctoral thesis submission form

Thesis submission form


The PhD supervisor report 

Free-format document (approx. 2 pages) 

(The report should highlight which has been the original major research contribution of the doctoral thesis as well as contain the specific approval of the thesis supervisor confirming that the thesis has the appropriate quality for its presentation )

* In case you have a UPF tutor (different from your thesis supervisor) you also need to present a letter or mail confirming your tutor agreement with your thesis submission.


The doctoral thesis Committee

Committee proposal form ( word )

The thesis committee must be composed of:

  • 3 full members: must belong to 3 different universities or institutions between them
  • 2 substitutes: must belong to 2 different universities or institutions between them, although the universities or institutions of the full members can be repeated
  • All members must be doctors and have proven experience in research

It is recommended that the secretary of the board should belong to UPF or to a research institution at the PRBB
It is also recommended that at least one of the substituts should belong to UPF or to a research centre at the PRBB

Keep in mind that:
The indicated emails must match the workplace of each proposed doctor.

contact us before deciding the members of your board in order to confirm that you’ll be able to afford the necessary tribunal expenses)


Declaration by the author of the thesis

Declaration form

Other requirements:


Fill in the online application form

Online application form


Check if you have the requirements to apply for a Doctoral Mention

International Mentions

* Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey concerning your experience. Thank you.