Is the admissions process compulsory to register for the PhD programme?

Yes. Before your first annual registration process, you must to be admitted: Eligibility requirements.


What are the entry requirements?

PhD programme specific requirements: having a project, a research group and a thesis supervisor that you may find by yourself. Academic regulation.


Registration process, when it will take place?

In October. Students must register each academic year until the submission of the PhD dissertation. For further information: Annual enrolment.


When should I submit the doctoral thesis to avoid payment of next academic year's tuition fees?

The date changes each academic year. For the academic year 2017-2018, the deadline is 28 September 2018, at 1.00 pm


How can I get my student card?

If you do not have the student card, you should ask for an appointment through "Appointment for obtaining or renewing your UPF card" Please, the appointment day bring your DNI (original) or, in case of foreigners, your NIE or Passport (original)
Further information about the student card


If you are thinking about Publishing in Scientific Journals:

Please bear these recommendations in mind
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