Doctoral Thesis

A doctoral thesis may be submitted in one of the following two formats: 
  1. A classical thesis book, consisting of chapters written in a cohesive way. Next to the original research described in the thesis, the rest of the contents cannot be made out of copying & pasting from other sources, and especially not from other PhD theses.
  2. A set of articles preceded by an introductory chapter and followed by a discussion and conclusions chapter or chapters. We discourage the submission of a set of articles where all of them are manuscripts in preparation because, as unfinished work, they often contain errors and lack coherence. If they are not published at the time of submission, we encourage depositing them in a preprint server such as arXiv or bioRxiv and including the preprint citation reference in the thesis. With respect to the set of articles included: 

2.1.  There cannot be two doctoral theses from two different doctoral students including the same set of articles.

2.2.  An article with two or more joint first authors can be used in more than one thesis as long as each PhD student has made a major research contribution on this article. This specific major contribution of each PhD student in the article must be described in the manuscript of the doctoral thesis.
2.3. A doctoral thesis must include one or more original research contributions. While review articles are a valuable exercise of synthesis of a research field or problem, and can be included in the thesis as additional thesis material, they do not qualify as original research contributions.

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b. Doctoral Thesis Defence: b. Doctoral Thesis Defence:

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