• Once the notification e-mail with the Doctoral Thesisi Defence Authorization and Approval of the Thessis Committee are received :

PhD student's duties

How to do it

1. Set a date for the Doctoral Thesis Defence 

IMPORTANT.- You have to book the room for 4 hours1 hour before you start the defence and 3 hours for the actual thesis defence

(ex: If the thesis defence starts at 11.00 h the room must be booked from 10.00 to 14.00 h)

If you are interested in : 

1- PRBB Rooms:

(The PRBB iner square rooms Ramon y Cajal, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin are temporary closed for works. Predictably reopening at the end of the year). Please check at the prbb booking APP other able rooms:

You should create your account with your PRBB organitzacion official adress  here * (check availability  +  make a reservation) for any doubts contact to [email protected]

*The tool DAYSK allows you to book and reserve spaces such as conference and meeting rooms, terraces and others.

2- Josep Marull roomemail to us at  [email protected]

3- CUMAR building rooms (c/ Dr. Aiguader, 80): CAU or by mail to  [email protected]

2. Book a room at Campus Mar for the Doctoral Thesis Defence Available rooms (PRBB Rooms and CUMAR rooms




REMEMBER: Remodelling works from May 11th to September 25th @Marie Curie, Ramon y Cajal and Chalres Darwin rooms and inner square / contact to [email protected] if you need any help

3.  Inform the PhD Secretariat the details of the thesis defence :

  • date, 
  • time the Doctoral Thesis Defence will start 
  • room booked 
  • period of time the room is booked

   Fill out this online form

4.- Payment of the Doctoral Thesis Defence fee (Dissertation fee) 

   Follow the instructions that you will received in the notification e-mail

5. Complete the TESEO file for the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport