Under the Covid-19 extraordinary circumstances, nowadays we can only offer you the option to present your thesis defence 100% online or on a semi face-to-face form. In the second case, the session is not open to the public. Just the thesis supervisors, tribunal members, PhD student and University staff to help you are allowed to access the defense room. A few close familiars will be allowed to come in case the room ensures the security protocols. Please inform in advance by mail to the phd secretariat of their names and surnames for the building access.
  • Once the notification e-mail with the Doctoral Thesisi Defence Authorization and Approval of the Thessis Committee are received :

PhD student's duties

How to do it

1. Set a date for the Doctoral Thesis Defence 

You can agree with your tribunal members and thesis supervisor any working day for your thesis defence on this times:

Monday to Friday From 9:00 to 14:00h 

For a different time, please confirm with the PhD secretariat to check if we can give you support.

2. For 100% Online defenses please follow this guide:

SEND A CAU APPLICATION TO CREATE YOUR THESIS DEFENCE LINKS & ENSURE TECHNICAL SUPPORT 10' BEFORE YOUR DEFENSE STARTS. UPF offers the following App's for your virtual session: Meet, Collaborate and Zoom. 
Please check first with the PhD secretaria the best option depending on your defense modality (semi face-to-face or 100% face-to-face). 

IMPORTANT.- You have to book the room for 4 hours1 hour before you start the defence and 3 hours for the actual thesis defence. (ex: If the thesis defence starts at 11.00 h the room must be booked from 10.00 to 14.00 h)

If you are interested in : 

1- PRBB Rooms:

(The PRBB iner square rooms Ramon y Cajal, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin are temporary closed for works. Predictably reopening at the end of the year). Please check at the prbb booking APP other able rooms:

You should create your account with your PRBB organitzacion official adress  here * (check availability  +  make a reservation) for any doubts contact to [email protected]

*The tool DAYSK allows you to book and reserve spaces such as conference and meeting rooms, terraces and others.

2- Josep Marull roomemail to us at  [email protected]

3- CUMAR building rooms (c/ Dr. Aiguader, 80): CAU or by mail to  [email protected]

2. For FACE-TO-FACE defenses:

Book a room at Campus Mar for the Doctoral Thesis Defence.

 Available rooms:

 (PRBB Rooms and CUMAR rooms




REMEMBER:  There will be remodelling works from May 11th to the end of November at: @Marie Curie, Ramon y Cajal, Chalres Darwin PRBB rooms and at the inner square. Please contact with [email protected] if you need any help

3.  Inform the PhD Secretariat the details of the thesis defence :


   Fill out this online form to let us know your defense details:
  • date, 
  • time the Doctoral Thesis Defence will start 
  • room booked 
  • period of time the room is booked
4.- Payment of the Doctoral Thesis Defence fee 

You will receive by mail a few days before your thesis defence a document to pay the Dissertation fee.

This can be done on line and you should .


5. Complete the TESEO file for the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport 

Together with your defense autorization, the UPF PhD School will send you a detailed mail with indications to fill the TESEO before your thesis defense.