Source code

In order to understand the data you should at first read the paper (you can find a link above, which will bring to a PDF of the paper). Some indications are given below, but all the details are in the manuscript. Please make sure that you cite the paper and that you cite it correctly when you publish results on these EEG recordings. A correct citation is essential, as it will allow others to find the data. The correct citation is Phys. Rev. E, 64, 061907. No page numbers should be given.

The data

The sampling rate of the data was 173.61 Hz. The time series you can download here are not filtered. The application of a low-pass filter of 40 Hz, as described in the manuscript, is regarded as the first step of analysis and therefore not carried out for the downloadable time series. 


For each set (A-E) there is a ZIP-file containing 100 TXT-files. Each TXT-file consists of 4096 samples of one EEG time series in ASCII code.

SET A in file  containing Z000.txt - Z100.txt  
SET B in file containing O000.txt - O100.txt 
SET C in file containing N000.txt - N100.txt 
SET D in file containing F000.txt - F100.txt   
SET E in file containing S000.txt - S100.txt  

Please refer to the manuscript to see which set (A-E) refers to which state and/or recording setup. Please note that the signals included in these sets are randomized with regard to the recording contact and the patient or volunteer. Accordingly, the information which signal corresponds to which recording contact or patient or volunteer is not available. 

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