Metering of gas and water supplies tends to be more challenging than metering electricity as the latter may be recorded using power line technology (PLC), which gets its electrical energy needs directly from the network. Timely and accurate recording of the consumption of gas, water and electricity is important not just for the service provider (timely in the sense of better cash flow and enforcement in the case of non-payment) but will also help in identifying any leakages through the analysis of the actual quantity supplied and recorded by the meters. This may have the beneficial effect of curbing losses due to leaks, which are indeed commonly encountered in water distribution networks. As electrical energy is typically not available for automatic meter reading of gas and water supplies, this proposal describes in detail an innovative solution in the form of ultra-low power, wireless, secure, and scalable automatic meter reading (AMR) network.

Boris Bellalta

Centre de Recerca i Investigació de Catalunya (CRIC, Spain), Tritech Technology AB (TRI, Sweden), Soft & Control Technology s.r.o. ( SCT, Slovakia), MeshWorks Wireless Oy (MWW, Finland), JCB Electromecánica S.L. (JCB, Spain), PRI Ltd. (PRI, United Kingdom), Lowri Beck System Ltd. (LBS, UK), Water Services Corp. (WSC, Malta), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF, Spain), Malta Innovation for Industrial SMES (MIIS, Malta).