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Open Cities is a three-year European project with a €5.9M budget and the participation of several European cities: Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona. The aim is to explore open innovation methodologies in the public sector, particularly in smart cities, by experimenting with novel mechanisms in pan-European platforms around urban labs (living labs in cities), crowdsourcing, open data, fiber to the home and open sensor networks.

Principal researchers

Miquel Oliver


Albert Domingo
Javier Gonzalez
Manuel Palacin

ESADE (Coordinator)-Spain; City of Amsterdam Economic Affairs-Netherlands; Berlin Government Senate-Germany; Cap Digital-France; Barcelona City Hall–Barcelona Activa-Spain; Fraunhofer Fokus-Germany; Atos Origin-Spain; Dutch-Netherlands; Intitut Telecom-France; DotOpen-Spain; Tempos21-Spain; Forum Virium-Finland; Waag Society-Netherlands; Bearstech-France

EC - CIP Programme