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Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions
Network Technologies and Strategies

Miquel Oliver is Full Professor at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He received a Ph.D. in Telecom Engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 1999, a Degree in Business Administration (UOC, 2009) and GloColl Executive Education (Harvard, 2011-12). Before joining UPF, he was Associate Professor at the UPC and Visiting Scholar at Rutgers University (US, 1999). He is leading the multidisciplinary Networking and Strategies Research Group (NeTS) since its foundation in 2004. He has been Visiting Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology during the academic year 2013-14, Columbia University (2011), Southampton University (2018), Cardiff University (2019 and 2022).

His research is on wireless communications, with a multidisciplinary view including regulation, telecom policies and economic impact. Prof. Oliver has authored over 150 technical papers (Google-scholar), over 40 counted in ISI WoK Journals, 37,9% in Top 10% Journals Percentiles according to SCOPUS, as well as edited three books, holds three patents, supervised thirteen Ph.D. thesis and confounded and advised one spin off company (2013-2016).Four of his papers have received the best paper award in international conferences.

He is currently holding three industry chairs, (Telefónica-2016, DECIX-2021 and INCASòL-2022). Oliver has recently been the principal investigator of one of the projects of the RIS3CAT Media community with the participation of the UOC (nanoMOOCs project, €1.7M, 2019-22).

Prof. Oliver has been engaged with the government of the UPF with Rector Moreso (2008-2013) and Rector Casals (2015-16). He has been Vice Rector of Institutional Strategy, Information Technologies, Evaluation and Quality, leading the UPF's strategy towards its international projection, achieving its first presence in global rankings such as Shanghai (2009) or Times Higher Education (2011), among others. Before, he started in the direction of the Telecommunications Engineering Studies (2001-2005) and General coordinator of quality (2016-17). He also directed the  Department of Information and Communication Technologies (2015-2017), recognized by the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología in its María de Maeztu excellence program (2016-20 and renewed in 2022). 

The Government of Catalonia awarded Prof. Oliver with two Jaume Vicens Vives Distinctions (2005 and 2006) as recognition of teaching quality and with two UPF medals (2012-13, 2017-18). In addition, he is holding the top academic accreditations in advanced research from both quality agencies AQU (2013) and ANECA (2014). 

The relationship with the universities of the Catalan system has been a constant in all his professional career, leading research and innovation projects with the UOC, the URV, the UB, the UAB, the UdG, the CSIC and with the UPC, where he obtained his first permanent position. Prof. Oliver actively promoted and became chair of the i2CAT Foundation, the advanced Internet technology research center in Catalonia, recognized as a member of CERCA

He has developed projects for the whole Catalan university system, such as UCATx , the universities' MOOCs platform, and I have advised the Directorate General of Universities and the AGAUR on topics related to postgraduate studies, aid lines or the definition of the industrial doctorate.

M. Oliver has three six-year research evaluation tracks, plus one six-year tech transfer track, and five five-year teaching evaluation track and all possible management tracks according to the Spanish system for university services assessment.

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