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2019 Beyond NanoTARGs technology towards suppression of cancer progression

2019 Beyond NanoTARGs technology towards suppression of cancer progression

Pancreatic cancer is a lethal disease which is expected to be the 3rd cancer death caused by 2025. 95% of the patients die within 5 years.
The reason for these dismal results is a failed diagnosis and an inefficient therapeutic strategy. nanoTARG-pro therapeutic solution is to use an oncotarget present in tumoral cells (in addition to the apical site of enterocytes) favouring tumor progression, to specifically direct a nanocapsule. Our previous results show specific targeting in xenografts (ongoing PCT). nanoTARG-pro aims at nanoencapsulating and directing the therapeutic gold standard (paclitaxel) precisely to the tumour tissue and to promote its targeted release. nanoTARG-pro will validate the therapeutic potential ex vivo using 3D organoids from murine models and from patients pancreatic tumour cells, and in vivo using orthoxenografts. Besides, nanoTARG-pro has a blocking effect on the oncotarget. nanoTARG-pro will study the the clinical relevance of this action. The oncotarget is present in other types of cancers and therefore, nanoTARG-pros technology can be extrapolated to them. As an added value, nanoTARG-pro introduces the concept of biomedical SERS for the detection of biomarkers, the clinical relevance of it and the challenges that might appear to this novel strategy for its implementation in clinical oncology. nanoTARG-pro will synthesize a SERS sensor to correlate imbalances with enhanced proliferation, invasiveness and in general, with tumour progression. Funding and success of nanoTARG-pro will significantly increase both technologies maturity towards accomplishing the regulatory preclinical phase.


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