In keeping with the research orientation of this programme, the final research project will be carried out in the context of one of the research groups of the UPC-Telecommunication Engineering School, mainly in the Signal Theory and Communications Department  and  the Department of Network Engineering, as well as from UPF-Department of Information and Communication Technologies, thereby ensuring a rich and stable environment for acquiring experience in the field. Namely, the following research groups are directly involved in the MWC.

  • GRCM (Mobile Communications Research Group), UPC
  • ITC (Information Theory and Coding Group), UPF
  • NeTS (Network Technologies and Strategies), UPF
  • UbicaLab (Ubiquitous Computing Applications Lab), UPF
  • WICOM (Wireless Communications), UPF
  • WN (Wireless Networking), UPF
  • WNG (Wireless Networks Group), UPC


Topics for master thesis

Students are encouraged to talk with the faculty about tentative ideas for projects, sharing your likes and interests to find a suitable topic.


Guidelines, Templates

  • General Information: pdf.

  • Template (in Latex): zip. In case you prefer to use a different word processor, please, try to follow as much as possible the provided template.


Master Thesis 2016/2017

  • Salar Younis; "Assessment of RAN slicing techniques for future 5G networks". Director: Jordi Pérez-Romero (UPC).

  • Francisco Salas; "A Study on TV White Spaces: Trials around the Globe". Director: Miquel Oliver (UPF).

  • Alican Keçeci; "Analysis of a Multi-Tenant Admission Control Strategy for Cellular Networks". Director: Jordi Pérez-Romero (UPC).

  • Alvaro Lopez; "Extraction of user mobility and cell connectivity patterns in cellular networks". Director: Juan Sánchez (UPC).

  • Hector Viscarra; "Analysis of LTE Procedures using Amarisoft LTE 100". Director: Anna Umbert (UPC)