Mandatory courses and Master Thesis Mandatory courses and Master Thesis

  • Wireless Communications and Networking (5 ECTS, UPF, Sept-December) [pdf]
    • Channel models, path-loss, fading, modulation and coding techniques, medium access protocols, ad-hoc and mesh-networks, opportunistic networks, vehicular networks, IoT, cellular networks, etc.
  • Mathematical Modelling and Analysis (5 ECTS, UPF, Sept-December) [pdf]
    • Queueing Theory, Markov chains, CSMA/CA networks, discrete event simulations, WLANs, Analysis of IEEE 802.11 networks, etc.
  • Mobile World (5 ECTS, UPF, Sept-December) [pdf]
    • Digital dividend, spectrum regulation and management, mobile market concentration, small cells, etc.
  • Research Methodologies (*), (5 ECTS, UPF, Sept-December) [link]
    • Major considerations and tasks involved in conducting scientific research
  • Mobile Communication Systems (5 ECTS, UPC, January) [updating it for the 2017/2018 year]
    • 4G and 5G, LTE, radio and core networks, network architecture, etc.
  • Resource Management for Wireless Communications (5 ECTS, UPC, February-June) [pdf]
    • SDN/NVF, network slicing for 5G, admission control, resource scheduling, etc.
  • Short Range Wireless Communications (*) (5 ECTS, UPC, February-June) [link]
    • RFID, Bluetooth, 802.15.4, WIFI, etc.
  • Wireless Lab (5 ECTS, UPC, February-June) [pdf]
    • Mobile Communication Networks: design and operation, Network planning and dimensioning, Network resource management, Spectrum management, etc.


  • Master Thesis (10 ECTS, all year)
    • Check the master thesis page: link


(*) Not officially mandatory, but strongly recommended.

Elective courses Elective courses

Wireless Communications +

  • Antennas and microwaves, 5 ECTS, UPC [link]
  • Short Range Wireless Communications, 5 ECTS, UPC [link]
  • Wireless Multimedia Networks, 5 ECTS, UPF [link]
  • Wireless Sensor Networks, 5 ECTS, UPF [link]

Inteligent Systems

  • Autonomous Systems, 5 ECTS, UPF [link]
  • Machine Learning, 5 ECTS. UPF [link]
  • Applied Convex Optimization, 5 ECTS, UPC [link]
  • Machine Learning From Data, 5 ECTS, UPC [link]


  • Quality of Service in Networks, 5 ECTS, UPC [link]
  • Distributed Systems, Internet and Web Technologies, 6 ECTS, UPC [link]
  • Advanced Distributed Systems, 5 ECTS, UPF.
  • Network Security and Criptography, 5 ECTS, UPF [link]
  • Internet of Things, 5 ECTS, UPF [link]
  • Mobile Applications, 5 ECTS, UPF [link]

Research Methodologies

  • Research Methodologies, 5 ECTS, UPF [link]
  • Research Seminars, 5 ECTS, UPF [link]
  • Critical thinking and scientific writing, 5 ECTS, UPC [link]
  • MATLAB Fundamentals and/or applications, 5 ECTS, UPC [link]