The available scholarships can be found at the DTIC and UPF webpage. Most recommended ones for MWC are:

Two teaching assistant scholarships are offered by the UPF

Two teaching assistant scholarships are offered by UPF to students enrolled in the MWC master. The beneficiaries will have to teach 40 hours / year in undergrad courses (mainly lab sessions), receiving 444.23 €/month for 10 months. Only students that have completed their admission in the master can apply to those scholarships. To apply, please, contact [email protected] 


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DTIC Master Grants Secretaria DTIC 
Tuition fee waiver Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Office 
Agaur AGAUR 
La Caixa Obra Social La Caixa



We want to remain you that you have the possibility to do an internship. We've update the information in ETIC website.  In the master’s program the internships are extracurricular as they are not equivalent to a number of credits but you can take up to 800 hours per academic year.