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Freesound API
The Freesound API is a tool that can be used to interact and access the data stored in Freesound. With it, a software system can search and retrieve sounds using a wide variety of advanced queries combining audio and metadata information.

Background is an online collaborative sound database where sound professionals and enthusiasts share recorded sound effects, field recordings, and musical samples, all under Creative Commons licenses. It was started in 2005 and it is constantly being improved and updated. Freesound has become one of the largest and most popular sites for sharing sound snippets. It includes more than 410,000 sounds (as of June 2019), plus accompanying metadata and text descriptions.

Technology description

The Freesound API offers a powerful way to access that can be configured and adapted for any application. With it, you can develop software applications that can browse, search, and retrieve sounds, plus all the other textual information about Freesound users, packs, and the sounds themselves. Using it, a software application can find similar sounds to a given target (based on content analysis) and retrieve automatically extracted features from audio files, as well as perform advanced queries combining content analysis features and other metadata (tags, etc...). The Freesound API also offers endpoints for uploading, rating, describing and commenting sounds. An in depth description of the features of the API can be found in the Freesound API documentation.

Field / topics

Sound and music production and post-production; Sound retrieval.


The Freesound API is being used to support sound and music software applications that require access to large quantities of sounds. Examples of applications that have been developed using the API can be found in Freesound Labs.


The API is a powerfull and flexible tool with which to access and retrieve all the data stored in freesound. There are a number or client libraries to facilitate the use of the API from different programming environments. Freesound is a mature and stable framework capable of supporting a wide variety of applications.


TRL 8. The API has been used and tested in real industrial applications for the past 10 years.

Technology offer

The API can be used freely for a limited number of queries and for trial periods. For commercial usage you need a license. Please note that even if holding a commercial license for the use of the API, the individual sound license Creative Commons requirements must still be met.


Documentation about the API is available in


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