Back Sergi Jordà participates as a panelist at the PUZZLE X conference

Sergi Jordà participates as a panelist at the PUZZLE X conference

The event hosts talks and panels by experts in topics such as the metaverse, 5G, quantum, or sustainable future, among others


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PUZZLE X is a global event focusing on how key technologies in the “Matterverse” can shape the next chapter for cities, citizens, industries, and societies. The event takes place between 15-17 November 2022 in Barcelona, and brings leading figures in industry, science, capital, startups and governments to create the first hub of activities for Frontier Tech in Spain and Europe. 

On Nov 16, PUZZLE X presents “Matter Expressionism” in collaboration with Sonar and UPC: a vibrant event of performative presentations weaving the science of Matter, Art, and Music. 

4 Performative presentations which combine music with a compelling technology narrative followed by a 30 min Fireside Chat

- AI + Music (AI Transmutuations ) | Anna Diaz | (Hamill Industries)

- The Melody of Matteverse + Metaverse | Prof. Hiroshi Ishii  (MIT Media lab) + Sergi Jorda (Reactable | UPF)

- Singing Quantum Qubits | Ilyas Khan | (Quantinuum)

- Graphic Sonification | Eloi Maduell + Santi Vilanova | (Play Modas)

Moderated by Antonia Folguera | (Sonar)


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SDG - Sustainable Development Goals:

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