Canoris: a new web service for the creation and analysis of sound and music

Canoris: a new web service for the creation and analysis of sound and music


The MTG launches Canoris a web service for audio analysis, audio similarity search and voice processing.

Canoris provides, through a web API, an easy access to several technologies from the MTG and its partners. It offers an environment to experiment with sound and music processing and collaborative creativity tools. In its current beta version, Canoris includes functionality for both the analysis and synthesis of sound, integrating into a single coherent platform the output of years of research in the fields of music information retrieval and digital signal processing. Over time more technology will be integrated, but for now Canoris features:

  • High and low level analysis: Upload any sound file and retrieve high level descriptions like genre and mood or low level descriptions like rhythm, timbre, or key.
  • Similarity Search: Put all your files in a collection and see which sound and songs are similar to each other. Search and recommendation without tagging or metadata.
  • Voice Synthesis: Give Canoris text and a melody and it will sing for you.
  • Voice Transform: Change a man's or woman's voice into the other sex, an old person, monster, alien, or clown.

Canoris is a platform for the collaboration between researchers, technology providers and final users. It simplifies integrating new research results and brings new functionality to interested developers more quickly. With this launch the MTG wants to explore new possibilities and uses of the technologies integrated and wants to find collaboration opportunities with interested institutions and individuals.