Back Seminar by Preeti Rao on Indian classical singing

Seminar by Preeti Rao on Indian classical singing



On Wednesday July 20th 2011 at 5pm in room 55.410, Preeti Rao, from IIT Mumbai, will give a talk on "Objective assessment of ornamentation in Indian classical singing"

Abstract: Important aspects of judging a singing performance include musical accuracy and voice quality. In the context of Indian classical music, not only is the correct sequence of notes important to musical accuracy but also the nature of pitch transitions between notes. A higher level of singing skill involves achieving the necessary expressiveness via correct rendering of ornamentation, and this ability distinguishes a well trained singer from an amateur. We explore objective methods to assess the quality of ornamentation rendered by a singer with reference to a model rendition of the same song. Computational methods are proposed for the perceptually relevant comparison of complex pitch movements, and validated with respect to subjective ratings by human experts.

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