2 PhD students join the MTG thanks to Industrial PhD program

2 PhD students join the MTG thanks to Industrial PhD program



Two PhD students are joining the MTG thanks to the industrial doctorate program from AGAUR, which supports collaboration between universities and industrial partners, in this case both from Barcelona. These students, although working at the company, will spend some time at the MTG and collaborating with researchers here.

Emilia Gómez is the academic supervisor of these projects, which are both linked to our research on audio processing and description:

  • "Music/Speech Detection in Broadcast Media Programs" in collaboration with BMAT, in particular with Emilio Molina (supervisor at BMAT). Blai Meléndez Català is our PhD fellow, and the goal of this project is to research on the task of audio segmentation and tagging in the context broadcast recordings.
  • "Immersive Audiovisual Production Enhacement based on 3D Audio", in collaboration with Eurecat, in particular with the audio-visual technologies group leaded by Adan Garriga (industry supervisor). This project is related to 3D audio for virtual reality applications, and Andrés Pérez is a new PhD student that will research on innovative production tools for creative industries.

There is some more info (in catalan or spanish) on the UPF web site.