North Indian Classical Music, by Nitin Amin

North Indian Classical Music, by Nitin Amin

Nitin Amin, Indian master of the bansuri flute, will offer a concert of Hindustani classical music, and will previously introduce the fundamental elements to understand this music tradition.



As part of Musical Bridges project, on Thursday, April 26 we will offer a concert and talk of North Indian Classical Music with Nitin Amin. It will take place at Sala Aranyó, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). The program includes:

6:30pm Fundamental Elements of North Indian Classical Music

Introductory talk by Nitin Amin to the fundamental elements that form North Indian classical music, such as swara, saptak, raga and tala, which can be later appreciated during the concert.

7:30pm North Indian Classical Bansuri Concert

The bansuri master Nitin Amin will perform classical repertoire for the bansuri flute from the North Indian music tradition.

Nitin Amin ( is an engineer by basic education, and a musician by chosen vocation. He spent the first 15 years of his working life as a marketing professional with a large MNC engineering company. Quitting his job to pursue his basic passion, music, as a performing flautist in Hindustani Classical Music, Nitin also obtained a Master’s degree in music. He has conducted an immensely popular series of listener education workshops on Hindustani Classical Music. The workshops had a total attendance of nearly 10,000 music lovers.

Accompanied by Ramon Rodríguez (, tabla.

With the support of RecerCaixa, a program of Obra Social "La Caixa" in collaboration with ACUP. This event also has the support of Phonos, Casa Asia and TECSOME project.