Presentations at the Doctoral Student Workshop of the DTIC

Presentations at the Doctoral Student Workshop of the DTIC


A number of PhD students of the MTG and of the C4DM of Queen Mary University of London participate to the Doctoral Student Workshop of the Department that takes place on March 9th from 9:30h to 13h in the Sala Aranyo.

The poster presentations of the MTG are:

  • Andrés Pérez López: AmbiScaper: a tool for automatic generation and annotation of reverberant Ambisonics audio
  • Angel David Blanco Casares: Effects of feedback on tuning accuracy of violin players
  • David Cabrera Dalmazzo: Air Violin: A Machine Learning Approach to Fingering Gesture Recognition
  • Eduardo Fonseca: Acoustic Scene Classification by Ensembling Gradient Boosting Machine and Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Fabio Jose Muneratti Ortega: Machine Learning Modeling of Expression for Violin Performance Teaching
  • Minz Won: Towards an efficient rhythmic pattern recognition with convolutional neural networks
  • Olga Slizovskaia: Interpretability of Audio-Visual CNNs for Multimodal Music Instrument Recognition
  • Pritish Chandna: Vocal Synthesis From A Polyphonic Mixture
  • Xavier Favory: Freesound Datasets: A Platform for the Creation of Open Audio Datasets

The poster presetantions of the C4DM are: 

  • Liang Men: Exploring Collaborative Music Making in VR
  • Beici Liang: Multimodal Analysis of Piano Pedalling Techniques
  • Rémi de Fleurian: Predicting Pleasurable Moments in Music
  • Jon Pigrem: Datascaping: Data Sonification as a Narrative Device in Soundscape Composition
  • Giacomo Lepri: Where does your instrument come from?