Back SMC Master Students' Project Defenses 2024

SMC Master Students' Project Defenses 2024

The oral presentations of the SMC Master Thesis 2023-2024 will take place from July 8th to 11th, 2023 in rooms 52.329 and 52.221


Imatge inicial

This is the schedule for the thesis presentations of the Master in Sound and Music Computing by the students finishing this academic year. All the presentations will be done at UPF’s room 52.329 and 52.221, and also online through zoom at The sessions will be open to everyone.

July 8th - Room 52.329

Time Student Title Supervisor(s)
12:00 Alex Albas Neural Network-Based Fingerprinting for Background Music Identification Emilio Molina, Guillem Cortès
12:30 Esteban Gutiérrez Controlling Texture sounds using Neural Networks Techniques Lonce Wyse
13:00 Tommaso Settimi

Transformer neural network architecture for codec-based unconditional and conditional environmental sound synthesis

Lonce Wyse
15:00 Mario Ortega García Exploring the impact of musical agency on physical endurance Rafael Ramírez
15:30 Jessica Torrey Vocal Pitch and Timing: A Tool for Education, Anxiety and Sleep Rafael Ramírez
16:00 Suvi Häärä A multimodal dataset for voice pedagogy Rafael Ramírez


July 9th - Room 52.221

Time Student Title Supervisor(s)
10:30 María Aguado Yáñez Exploring quantum paths in rhythmspaces Sergi Jordà, Daniel Gómez
11:00 Christopher Morse Sound Asleep: EEG-Driven Soundscapes for Stage-Specific Sleep Enhancement Tinke Van Buijtene, Perfecto Herrera
12:00 Zhijin Chen Singing Vocal Source Separation for Jingju Music Rafael Caro
12:30 Qin Liu A Physics-Informed Neural Violin Synthesizer Nazif Can Tamer, Xavier Serra 
13:00 Ruthu Prem Kumar Analysis of the Intonation of Violin in Carnatic Music Thomas Nuttall, Martin Rocamora


 July 10th - Room 52.221

Time Student Title Supervisor(s)
11:00 Sofia Vallejo Virtualization of RSF Kobol Synthesizer: Modeling the Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using Augmented Neural Networks Xavier Lizarraga, Frederic Font
12:00 Alvaro Crespo Modelling the voltage controlled filter from a RSF Kobol Expander Xavier Lizarraga, Frederic Font
12:30 Yuxi Quiao Evaluation on Annotations of Music Emotion Dataset Juan S. Gómez Cañón, Frederic Font
13:00 Diana Tyman Multiple-Stakeholders in Music Recommender Systems Xavier Serra


July 11th - Room 52.221

Time Student Title Supervisor(s)
10:00 Valentin Malpica Virtualization of the Behringer Kobol Expander Synthesizer VCO Frederic Font
10:30 Carlos Caballer Building a simple classification model for automatic UCS-compliant SFX library conversion Frederic Font
11:00 Suhit Chiruthapudi Automatic Sound Effects Classification Using the Universal Category System Frederic Font
11:30 Amaia Sagasti Estimation of acoustic unpleasantness and eventfulness in urban recordings Frederic Font, Martin Rocamora
12:30 Du Huang Contrastive Language-Audio Pre-training with Neural Audio Codec Tokens-based Audio Representation Model Martín Rocamora, Pablo Alonso
13:00 Samuel Gómez Castro Computational Segmentation of Music Sheet Books into Individual Compositions Pedro Ramoneda, Xavier Serra



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