Back Phonos worldwide concert: four musical traditions from around the world

Phonos worldwide concert: four musical traditions from around the world

Concert from four music traditions related to the research of the MTG, on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at Sala Aranyó (UPF)


Imatge inicial

In the Music Technology Group, we develop computational tools that assist in the study of a wide range of musical repertoires. Phonos Worldwide intends to showcase some of these repertoires, exhibiting four traditional musics from a sample of cultures that the MTG has been fortunate enough to work with. Six musicians will present four musical traditions over the course of 1.5 hours, each with a brief introduction to the music and instruments played.

Chinese Guqin

Du Huang (Guqin)

The guqin is a plucked seven-string Chinese instrument that has been played since antiquity. Throughout Chinese history, the Guqin, along with its unique music, has established a rich and profound cultural world centered around its playing. This world encompasses aspects such as the players, the repertoire, the tonal and temperament system, the manufacturing system, and a certain special charm and aesthetic, all unique to this instrument.

Du Huang is a Chinese musician who learned Guqin through oral transmission for years, inheriting techniques mainly from the Zhucheng (诸城) and Guangling (广陵) schools.

Carnatic Music

Adithi Shankar (Veena)

Carnatic Music is a South Indian art and devotional musical practice with a history spanning over centuries. Contemporary Carnatic concerts generally consist of compositional formats, upon and around which musicians are free to improvise within the stylistic framework of the particular tradition. An important instrument in Carnatic music is the veena, a South Indian long-necked lute.

Adithi Shankar is a Carnatic musician and veena player from South India. She performs Carnatic ragas accompanied by an electronic tanpura, a supporting instrument that provides a continuous harmonic drone.

Galician Folk

María Pérez (Fiddle), Hugo Franco (Guitar)

From bagpipers and tambourines to blind violinists, the Galician tradition has preserved its muiñeiras, jotas, pasodobles, etc. from generation to generation. Highly influenced by the dance, music and song of this area of northern Spain talk about community, emigration and happiness, while giving space to innovation and new ideas.

Galician musicians, María Pérez and Hugo Franco are part of the new Galician and Iberian folk music scene. This traditional repertoire is the starting point of the musical approach of this duo: modern folk through the melodies and harmonies of fiddle and guitar.

Hindustani Fusion

Jyoti Narang (Voice, Harmonium), Thomas Nuttall (Guitar)

Hindustani music is a classical musical art practice of the northern regions of the Indian Subcontinent, elements of which can be found in many popular and folk songs practiced there today. To a greater extent than the South Indian, Carnatic tradition, Hindustani music contains distinctly Persian and Arabic influences.

Jyoti Narang is a classically trained Hindustani vocalist and harmonium player from North India and Thomas Nuttall an English musician with an interest in Indian traditional music. Together they perform original compositions under the name Mukti, combining Hindustani folk singing with more eurogenetic guitar traditions.


Phonos Worldwide

Four musical traditions from around the world

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 Sala Aranyó

C/ Roc Boronat 138, Barcelona

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