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Life Soundtrack, the soundtrack of my life



The MTG collaborates with the Barcelona Beta Brain Research Center, the research center of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, in the project "Life Soundtrack, the soundtrack of my life".

This project aims to study the benefits of listening to music for people with cognitive impairment. The project has brought together a group of high school students and people affected by Alzheimer's. Throughout the academic year, the young students have designed an intervention to measure its effects on the emotional and behavioral state of the patients.

The project has not only contributed to improving the welfare of people affected by dementia and their environment, but has also been valuable in awakening in students scientific and social vocations and raising awareness of problems or realities that may seem far away.

Participation of the MTG

The researchers Emilia Gómez and Perfecto Herrera lead the technical part of the project. They have applied musical recommendation technologies to create personalized soundtracks, adapted and relevant for each participant. This is achieved by means of a questionnaire (musical anamnesis) that gathers information about musical experiences and preferences, specially in essential periods and moments of that person's life. With that information the system infers and creates a playlist of potentially significant music tracks for that person. The technologies developed at the MTG are part of a research project called Banda Sonora Vital, a project about music and memory, in which also participate Felipe Navarro and Olga Slizovskaia. Those technologies of music recommendation can help to recover or rediscover the soundtrack of one’s life.

TV program "Sense ficció" on TV3

Next Tuesday, May 8, the program "Sense ficció" of TV3 (Catalonia television) will broadcast a documentary about this project under the title "Music is life". A team of journalists has followed the different stages of the initiative for months and has spoken with students, participants and professionals to show the revitalizing effect of music on people affected by dementia.




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