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Jordi Pons receives an AI Grant




Jordi Pons, PhD student at the MTG, has been awarded one of the AI Grants given by Nat Friedman. As part of the award, Jordi will get $5,000 to support his work on creating a dataset of sounds from Freesound and using it in his research.

The AI grants are an initiative of Nat Friedman, Cofounder/CEO of Xamarin, to support open-source AI projects. It aims to support any project in AI, large or small, as long as the software and data are released with an open license.

The project proposed by Jordi is part of an initiative of the MTG to promote the use of for research. The goal is to create a large dataset of sounds, following the same principles of Imagenet, that can be used for machine learning research projects. The project will contribute to develop an infrastructure with which to organize a crowdsourcing effort to convert Freesound into a research dataset.

For the grant application, Jordi presented the following video:





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