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MTG activity during COVID-19 crisis

MTG activity during COVID-19 crisis

During the exceptional period of confinement decreed by the Spanish government, the MTG activity doesn't stop


Imatge inicial

Following the Spanish government regulations due to the sanitary crisis of COVID-19, all of our premises are closed. However, the MTG activity doesn't stop, we continue working remotely from home, doing research and developing technologies as usual, and our teams keep collaborating virtually.

This challenging situation reminds us that our music research work is intended to contribute to the global wellbeing, aiming to make our world a little bit better. In such a difficult time we need to put more efforts to provide new technologies to society that contribute to improve the music listening experience and understanding, our creativity and the music education. Now more than ever is important that our technologies keep contributing to facilitate the access to music, wherever you are: through streaming, digital tools for creation, online education, virtual instruments...

And for this reason our mission is, in these difficult moments, even more relevant. We stay at home, but we don't stop. Because music has a positive impact in people's lives, and we want to contribute to it.

Keep safe, but also, keep musical!!!