Back Life Soundtrack, music technology to improve the well-being of dementia patients

Life Soundtrack, music technology to improve the well-being of dementia patients

The MTG participates in a project that applies our music recommendation technologies to the Alzheimer's therapy.

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In 2018 we started a collaboration with Barcelona Beta Brain Research Center, the research center of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, for the project Life Soundtrack. The project aims to study the benefits of listening to music for people with dementia using recommendation technologies to create playlists relevant for the patients.

The creation of those playlists (their ‘life soundtrack’) is based in biographical user data from Alzheimer’s patients and their family’s memories. Life soundtracks are intended to be of use, for example, in therapeutical interventions. The patients have to fill a questionnaire with the help of the therapist or relative, and with the aid of Spotify API the algorithm recommends a suitable playlist for the patient. The project also involves high school students in different parts of the process, including the application of the questionaires and the recollection of feedback  and reactions from the users and patients.

From September 2019 we have started a new edition of the program for which we have received funding from La Caixa Foundation. In this new edition we count with the participation of new schools and patients. Between January and May 2020, students will participate in the sessions with Alzheimer’s patients. The main objective of the program is raise awareness among young people about dementia and promote the well-being of those suffering from it.

Recently, Felipe Navarro, member of the project, has presented our work in the project at the Sanitas congress on care services for people with dementia, as part of the non pharmacological therapies.

For more information on this congress read an article published in Sanitas website, in which they mention the talk of Felipe:




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